The sustainability labels of the Telekom were awarded for the 50th time.

At Deutsche Telekom, we are committed to the environment, society, and digital participation. Since 2021, we have been labeling products, services, and measures in this area with our two labels #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta. This now includes 50 products and measures. A reason for us to celebrate – and to continue our work exactly this way.

Challenge accepted

Let’s take a look at what’s new. For example, Device-as-a-Service, an offer that allows small and medium-sized companies to simply rent mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Of course, fully organized by us from procurement to accompanying service and end-of-life management. This way, we can also ensure that the devices are given a second life cycle. This service saves valuable resources, protects the environment and is therefore a more than worthy recipient of the #GreenMagenta label.

The desire for a contemporary and practical alternative to conventional paper documents inspired us to create the digital delivery note. Eliminating printed documents can save 7.7 tons of CO2 and almost 6,000 cubic meters of water per 1 million sheets of paper. Goodbye, piles, and piles of paper – nobody will miss you.

The “MagentaZuhause Schnellstartpaket” is also featured under #GreenMagenta. Landline customers receive a mobile router with a SIM card to secure the Internet connection via mobile communications in the event of a network outage or delayed connection provision. What’s green about it? Among other things, the rental model, the router housing made from recycled plastic and the sustainable packaging.

Only good things in mind

And what about the social issues under the #GoodMagenta label? So far, this label has been awarded 10 times. For example, for the “University of third age, a study program specifically for older people. Telekom Services Europe Slovakia is setting a good example here, as it is the first company in Slovakia to offer its own 2-year study program for senior citizens. By participating in the program, they can improve their skills and knowledge in dealing with modern technologies, learn about dangers in the digital world and better protect themselves with their newly acquired skills.

Here in Germany, the “Media sure! But secure.” initiative is one of the first measures under #GoodMagenta and is committed to the responsible and critical use of digital media across all generations. The internet is for everyone, so it should also be safe for everyone.

Sustainability made easy

All these measures and products were developed with the idea in mind to make sustainable decisions easier for you. Our #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta labels are intended to help you with orientation and the final purchase decision. We also want to support our business customers in achieving their sustainability goals. Our aim is to raise awareness of sustainability and make sustainable behavior a natural part of our lives.

TÜV Rheinland shares a similar view and has validated and awarded our two labels. For you, this means additional reassurance regarding transparency and security of our sustainability labels.

50 products and measures are a good reason to celebrate. However, we are still a long way from reaching our goal and so we remain curious and work tirelessly on new products, ideas, and solutions to further improve our range. One example is the development of a plug-in power supply unit for routers that is 98% made from recycled plastic. We also demand that power supply units have an energy efficiency of at least 90% – older models are currently at around 88%. Such a reduction alone has a one-to-one impact on power consumption and saves a total of 3 tons of CO2 each year with 1 million power supply units.

You see, there is still a lot to do. So let’s raise our glasses only for a short but sweet moment and say: “Here’s to the next 50!”

Let’s get to work.

Find out more on our sustainability labels here.

Wir bieten nicht nur das beste Netz, sondern sorgen auch für besonders grüne und nachhaltige Produkte und Initiativen.

We not only offer the best network, but also ensure particularly green and sustainable products and initiatives.

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Infos & Downloads

We are making our future not only more digital, but also safer, fairer and more livable.