A harmonized environmental scoring system for mobile phones

So that our customers can make informed and more sustainable choices.

A harmonized environmental scoring system for mobile phones

Sustainability is so close to our hearts that we are not only committed to environmentally friendly packaging, greener stores and digital participation: We also want to help our customers make more sustainable purchasing decisions.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with European mobile operators Orange, Telefónica, Telia Company and Vodafone to launch an industry-wide consumer label for mobile phones: here comes the Eco Rating.

Since 2021 the Eco Rating label informs our customers about the environmental impacts of different mobile phone models. Transparently and easily described the overall score tells you which model performs best in categories like longevity, repair and recycling compatibility, climate compatibility as well as conservation of resources. A total of 100 points can be reached.

And since climate and environment protection are truly dear to our hearts and we continuously learn, we keep reviewing and updating the Eco Rating. On January 1st, 2023, we introduced the latest edition of our methodology, and the reasons are comprehensible.

For example, new device technologies like innovative camera modules are implicated in the rating. We also are able to access the experience from the ratings of more than 300 devices as well as the feedback from our customers, other network providers or NGOs in order to eliminate weaknesses and faults.

Resulting from this are the following adjustments to the methodology of our Eco Rating label:

  • Aspects that are fulfilled by almost all mobile phone models by now, have a lower weighting for the final score.
  • The production of mobile phone models using renewable energies, or a longer life span are additionally captured and rated.

You see, we continuously want to get better. Why shouldn’t devices be any different? The Eco Rating label is your practical guide for more sustainable purchase decisions.

If you want to learn more about Eco Rating and the exact calculation of the different scores, you can find more infos here.

Wir bieten nicht nur das beste Netz, sondern sorgen auch für besonders grüne und nachhaltige Produkte und Initiativen.

We not only offer the best network, but also ensure particularly green and sustainable products and initiatives.

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We are making our future not only more digital, but also safer, fairer and more livable.