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The most beautiful wildflowers and herbs bloom in the most beautiful colors on 40 hectares, while countless insects buzz in the air – Magenta Blossom is an absolute event. An event in which you, your friends and your family can participate and discover many things – all under professional guidance.

Our experts accompany you on thematically different tours and explain how everything in nature is interconnected. They cover exciting topics such as biodiversity, insect counts and technologies, biodiversity and positive effects on cultivation and the field. But it’s also about answering the question of how we can promote biodiversity to protect our environment.

The tours last 60 to 90 minutes each and take place on the following dates:

Sunday, 20th August 2023
Sunday, 27th August 2023

Tour 1: 10:00 to 11:30
Tour 2: 12:00 to 13:30
Tour 3: 15:00 to 16:30

The number of participants per tour is limited to 40, so please register early.

Please note: The tours have already ended. Registration is not possible at the moment.

The topics of the tours in detail

How nature works its magic when it is allowed to come back

Start-up founder Christian Seebauer has written bestsellers about extreme hiking and nature. Today he takes you on a slow journey on Deutsche Telekom's wildflower trail. There is an incredible amount to explain and even more to discover. How did the idea of growing blooming logos actually come about, and how does it work? What rare native plants are hiding here right at your feet? Which ones could you eat as wild lettuce? Which ones are poisonous but still useful? Which ones are inconspicuous, but a true paradise for insects to return to their native habitats? Which ones naturally bind CO2 and nitrogen? Why do we need bold nature adoptions today to spark a more sustainable world? And how do farmers benefit? Lots of questions and exciting answers. If you want, you can also walk along the wildflower trail with Christian barefoot!

In addition, you will gain exciting insights into our smart beehives in the middle of the Magenta Blossom field. IoT technology sensors in the hives constantly record temperature and weight trends, from which we can obtain detailed information about the development of the bee colonies and their honey production. A lot of technology in a very small space.

No one can explain nature and food to you better than a farmer in his field

Farmers would like nothing more than to be able to personally tell and show interested consumers where our food actually comes from and with how much passion and responsibility it is grown. The opportunity to join a farmer on a walk through his own field, especially on a wildflower nature trail in the middle of the conventional cultivation, offers profound and moving insights for all, to which attentiveness towards our nature and healthy food is important. Farmers Dr. Ulrich Müller von Blumencron and Christoph Jeken will tell you along the the wildflower trail how they actively protect and promote cultivation and life on their land with an eye on nature - even with the latest high-tech, mobile internet and GPS. You'll learn a lot about why farmers want to be more mindful of nature and more understanding of how to grow our food sustainably. Because with your interest, you're already changing the world. So let's walk through the Magenta Blossom field together!

Let's do research to make native biodiversity heard

Young people have never had the chance to experience insect diversity and biodiversity like in times past. Here in the Magenta Blossom field, the flowers are fragrant and countless useful insects are buzzing everywhere. This is a good signal, because together we can manage to bring back a part of nature. The universities of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT) and Nürtingen-Geislingen (HfWU) are providing scientific support for Deutsche Telekom's project and are happy to accompany you on this joint tour of the Magenta Blossom Field. You will learn first-hand how we use state-of-the-art methods to count and identify insects that have settled here in a short time on the Magenta Blossom Field with its blooming islands. We will explain to you why researching for biodiversity and gathering knowledge for a more sustainable world is worthwhile. Let's learn together how to enable better conditions for biodiversity. It's great to have you with us!

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All tours start from parking area no 1.

Please note: The tours also take place in case of rain (please wear weatherproof shoes and clothes). The wildflower trail is not barrier-free.

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