Sustainability at a new scale

What do 56 football fields, over 3 million sugar beets, and 21 million flower seeds have to do with Deutsche Telekom?
This is sustainability on a grand scale. With the “Magenta Blossom” project, we are making another powerful statement for nature conservation and biodiversity under the hashtag #greenmagenta. Together with the Munich-based start-up GEOXIP, we’re undertaking a large-scale research project on biodiversity on one of the largest contiguous agricultural areas near the Cologne/Bonn area.


We are located in the Cologne/Bonn area, not far from the Deutsche Telekom headquarters, and just a stone’s throw away from Cologne/Bonn airport. Right here, we have taken over 40 hectares of land – an area equivalent to 56 football fields – as sponsors: With 21 million flower seeds, we are creating so-called flowering islands in the shape of our T logo and the #greenmagenta inscription.

What at first glance might look like a large advertising space has a completely different purpose – and, above all, a concrete benefit. Because the lettering and the logo made of native flowers and wild blooms mutually enable a completely new form of sustainable coexistence. The brightly magenta-blooming flower fields will become the new home for bees, butterflies, and many other insects. Living biodiversity that we can see, touch, and literally “grasp”. Another positive side effect of Magenta Blossom: The plant diversity and numerous insects improve the quality of the farmland.

In the midst of conventional cultivation with around 3.25 million sugar beets, 21.7 million wildflowers will grow over the next few months. An impressive and widely visible example of lived sustainability in harmony with agriculture, nature conservation, and economics. Because the preservation of biodiversity is an indispensable component of genuine and sustainable development. And what better thing can happen to nature than to let it blossom?

“We are the leading telecommunications company in Europe. We also want to lead when it comes to sustainability,” says Tim Höttges. “We have set out in large and small steps. Among other things, we pursue ambitious climate goals. With the ‘Magenta Blossom’ project, Deutsche Telekom is sponsoring nature. It is a small contribution in a large format to the protection and promotion of biological diversity.”

High-tech meets sustainability

With Magenta Blossom, we bring traditional farming together with biodiversity and sustainability. Of course, we cannot shoulder such a sophisticated project on our own. . The method comes from the Munich-based start-up GEOXIP, which uses high-precision sowing processes and environmentally compatible technologies to turn nature into a stage for biodiversity with blooming lettering and logos made from native flowers and wild blooms. Each individual letter sown represented an island of flowers. At the height of flowering in August, the “T” in magenta and the lettering #greenmagenta in the corresponding colours green and magenta could be seen on the field.

Drone flight by Ulf Preising

Growth phase July 23, Interview with Dr Ulrich Müller von Blumencron

To give this sustainable project a measurable value, we also work with the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences and the Nürtingen-Geislingen University for Business and Environment, who scientifically accompany the flowering islands, formulate theses, and verify their correctness. Because we are interested in the question of how the influence of biodiversity affects sustainable agriculture. An extremely exciting task with extensive and valuable insights into the development of biodiversity and environmentally compatible agriculture, which we will report on after the project is completed.

We’re blooming – with Magenta Blossom

Magenta Blossom has excited us as a project from the first second. It is another opportunity for us to prove our connection to nature and to put the important topic of biodiversity and species protection in the focus. The seed mixture specially compiled for this project consists of more than 50 different types of flowers and wild herbs. They thus offer an unprecedented diversity for flora and fauna.


Keep an eye on the hashtag #greenmagenta or #magentablossom to not miss anything.

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