More than just a day: #GreenMagenta Days

April 20–27, 2022


A week of sustainability

Earth Hour is behind us. Like many of you, we used this symbolic hour to make a statement – but we know that statements aren’t enough. As we approach Earth Day, we want to show you how we focus on sustainability the remaining 364 days a year. We’ll share a week of insights into some of our projects on our #GreenMagenta Days: here and on social media.

Many topics, but just one focus: a better future for everyone

There are so many topics to choose from: from e-mobility, green clouds and digital twins to the sustainable redesign of our shops. They all have the same basic goals: to reduce CO₂-emissions, avoid waste and promote the circular economy. We’d like to introduce you to our Sustainable Heroes – many of our employees who are quietly working on sustainable projects and initiatives to make an impact. You can get to know some of them soon. This week, see how Telekom truly exemplifies the idea of “Life is for sharing”: with all of us working together for a better future.