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Three for all: Telekom’s sustainable heroes

We have one goal: We want to become the leading telecommunications company when it comes to sustainability. Thankfully, we already have the right employees – people who have also made this their own personal goal and are motivating others to do the same. We’d love to tell you about all of our sustainable heroes, but we’ll start with these three.

Myriam Quiskamp inspires others to embrace sustainability

Role: Green Pioneers Community Manager

#GreenMagenta Motto:

“Lots of people doing lots of little things in lots of little places can change the face of this world.”

Professional involvement:
Over 280 Telekom employees in the Green Pioneers Community are committed to increasing sustainability in the company. This is why Community Manager Myriam Quiskamp focuses on this topic every day in her work. She organizes regular webinars on topics like healthy and environmentally friendly nutrition or sustainable travel in the intranet group, and also provides tips for conserving resources during the workday. By drawing attention to this topic, she is also inspiring others to take part: For example, Telekom Ecosia – a sustainable alternative to Google – has managed to generate funds to plant over 42,000 trees through Telekom search queries. Myriam also campaigns for biodiversity and sustainability mobility in her personal life. A committed cyclist, she is responsible for launching and supporting our 36 cycling service stations. It’s a small, yet important step towards making us a cycling-friendly company.

Private involvement:
The climate crisis is man-made. Myriam thinks that people are the problem but can also be the solution – and she has decided to do her part. She lives her life 100% car free and has a beautiful garden paradise that bees are happy to call home. She also supports a variety of environmental protection projects and is a member of BUND e.V.

Rosica Scheid transforms Telekom Shops into sustainable experience worlds

Role: Senior Manager, International Retail Shop Design in Group Brand Management, responsible for the Green POS (Point of Sale) project throughout Europe

#GreenMagenta Motto:

“Small actions have a greater impact than big plans!”

Professional involvement:
Rosica Scheid wants customers to experience sustainability at the Telekom Shops. This is why she is working closely with colleagues from all of Telekom’s subsidiaries across Europe. And her work is paying off: All shops throughout Europe are running on 100% green electricity – or have eco-certified flooring. Green walls create a comfortable interior climate while recyclable LEDs provide sustainable lighting. Employee clothing and shopping bags for customers are both made in sustainable, fair production. Customers can learn about all of the green shop initiatives on site and sustainably through digital media – completely paper-free.

Private involvement:
As a mother, it is important to Rosica to teach her children how to be conscious of nature and the environment. If she finds upcycled paper and plastic, she turns it into materials for art projects – or uses it to build insect hotels for educational fun. Rosica also focuses on sustainability when it comes to nutrition. She eats vegetarian from time to time, buys regional produce and also grows some things in her own garden.

Andre Hanisch brings color to black receivers – with green technology

Role: Senior UX Designer, Technology & Innovation

#GreenMagenta Motto:

“I believe every one of us is responsible for treating the environment with respect. We only have one planet – we need to protect it.”

Professional involvement:
Andre works as an Experience Designer, designing Telekom media receivers and digital TV boxes, remote controls and routers with his team. Early on, he started experimenting with using recycled plastics to build housings for this technology. But this material has its limitations, only allowing for black plastic cases. Andre is currently exploring how to use alternative synthetics instead. Andre aims to use petroleum-free plastics to give sustainable housings what they have always deserved – more colors. Product packaging is another important consideration for the team. At the end of 2018, they introduced the first plastic-free packaging that could be fully recycled. Soon, all of our devices and their packaging will be so sustainable that they will carry the #GreenMagenta label.