#GreenMagenta starts with green electricity - but doesn't end there.


Well packaged is half the battle

#GreenMagenta starts with green electricity – but doesn’t end there. Because we have many more useful ideas for a sustainable approach to our planet. For example, particularly sustainable packaging.


At least when you think about reducing packaging waste. Because the amount of packaging waste in Germany is growing year by year. The composition of packaging does not bode well either: Plastic and hybrid packaging such as laminated cardboard make recycling much more difficult.

We have recognised this problem and are already doing a lot for more sustainable and economic packaging:

  • All devices in Germany with our name on it will be 100 % sustainably packaged in the future.
  • We are working on getting all major smartphone retailers to pack more sustainably. Already, this will be a quarter of all new smartphones to be produced – by the end of next year, we aim for 40 %.
  • We are also introducing more sustainability into our logistics processes: for example, we cut the shipping boxes for the devices that are sent via the technology department to save material and to fit exactly. We then use the offcuts as environmentally friendly filling material.

You can find more information about our sustainable packaging concepts here.