Earth Day on April 22, 2023

On the 22nd of April it’s Earth Day. For the past 32 years this day has been an annual, global event dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability. You can be part of it by taking full advantage of this opportunity to be more responsible for our planet. To help inspire you, we’ve put together various events and workshops that will give you some concrete ideas. Because tomorrow starts today. With less waste. Every day.


The motto for this year’s Earth Day is “Live greener. Live in harmony with nature”. This has inspired us to organize various workshops and activities. Starting on the 22nd of April, and lasting for 2 weeks, we’ll have lots going on in selected Telekom Stores. There’s sure to be something for you, such as building a DIY bottle garden, making your own sustainable cosmetics, Fairphone workshops, tips on urban gardening, mobile phone repair stations and presentations by local, sustainable start-ups. Find out where and when you can participate here.

Find out more on the web

You can also find out about different aspects of environmental protection, via video, in our net stories. Find out about intriguing stories that cover topics such as the end-user device cycle for fixed networks, sustainable products, green power for mobile phones, buying and selling used smartphones, and sustainable packaging.

Just in time for Earth Day, we’ll also be sharing a new episode of our sustainability infotainment magazine Heute retten wir die Welt! Ein bisschen . Here, presenter Vanessa de Lacaze and reporter Tobias Budde will find answers to how we can reduce greenhouse gases from digital waste as much as possible. A recent study by the American company Veritas Technologies revealed that in 2020 alone, 6.4 million tons of CO₂ were generated in this way. Imagine what you can look out for yourself, for example, when you watch TV or write emails? Watch the full report on the 22nd of April at 10 p.m. on #dabeiTV or get the episode as video-on-demand on MagentaTV. Alternatively, you can catch it from the 23rd of April on YouTube.

For all FC Bayern fans: do good while you enjoy the game at the stadium

Mobile phone collection campaigns are taking place in the stadium at three FC Bayern home matches. Mobile phone collection campaigns are taking place in the stadium at three FC Bayern home matches. Simply bring your old mobile phone with you, without a SIM or memory card, and drop it into one of the collection boxes that will be placed around the Allianz Arena – free of charge. This is a worthwhile thing to do as some of the collected mobile phones can be reprocessed or recycled. As an additional incentive, the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich will receive 50 cents for each device donated. The first collection will take place on the 30th of April 2023 at the home match against Hertha BSC.

How can companies be more sustainable with their solutions and strategies?

Even at T-Systems everything will revolve around the topic of sustainability for one week. Now is the time for companies to drive sustainable developments. Therefore, we will be sharing various expert blog posts on topics such as the future, innovation, and green IT, with sustainable business solutions from T-Systems, via our social media channels.

Under #Rethinkthesystem, important questions on the topic of sustainability for companies have already been discussed. In addition, the first solutions from the Co-Creation Advisory Board for Sustainability will be presented at the “Innovation Day” on May the 16th in Bonn. Here, interested company representatives can take part in discussions with prominent speakers in expert panel discussions. Plus, find out about innovative solutions or prototypes developed by Deutsche Telekom, our partners, and start-ups at 21 stands. Click here to register.

Earth Day on April 22, 2023

Are you already making your everyday life smarter?

There are so many ways to avoid unnecessary items and waste. Buy less, reuse more, share or repair. We have put together some tips for you here. Let’s make this change together to secure our future. Every day.

Wir bieten nicht nur das beste Netz, sondern sorgen auch für besonders grüne und nachhaltige Produkte und Initiativen.

We not only offer the best network, but also ensure particularly green and sustainable products and initiatives.

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We are making our future not only more digital, but also safer, fairer and more livable.