Our sustainability labels #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta help our customers to make sustainable purchasing decisions and our business customers to achieve their sustainability goals. We now have the proof in black and white that this really works – tested and confirmed by TÜV Rheinland.

Viable – this was the conclusion reached by the TÜV Rheinland audit committee, which we commissioned to carry out a certification audit. Because we also wanted to make sure that we only have good and green things in mind and on offer. The result has now confirmed that our two labels #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta and their impact measurement are viable. Translated: Everything is fine and in the green at Magenta.

Valuable help for our customers

We are not only pleased with the result – it also provides our customers with valuable support when making future purchasing decisions. Like a seal of quality or a recommendation from friends, the binding confirmation from TÜV Rheinland ensures a good feeling when making a purchase and thus supports the desire for a more sustainable everyday life.

In addition, our particularly sustainable products offered under the labels are recognized at a glance. And that really is unique in the telecommunications market. It is clear to us that we are on the right track and that all the work we have invested in the initiative is really paying off.

What exactly is behind #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta?

Products and services that have a particularly positive impact on the environment and society undergo a structured award process that includes impact measurement. The sustainable advantage compared to similar products/services or to a situation without these products is determined concretely and transparently. For us, all of this comes together under the #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta labels. #GoodMagenta includes projects and initiatives that not only make our future more digital, but also safer, fairer and more liveable.


For example, #GreenMagenta is about our products such as the Speedport Smart 4 and Speed Home Wi-Fi, recycled and refurbished smartphones and our green network: from our mobile network to our fiber optic network, we have switched completely to electricity from renewable energy sources.

The situation is similar with #GoodMagenta, as we support schools, daycare centres and other educational institutions on the path to digitalization with projects such as Digital@School and AwareNessi on a voluntary basis. We provide children with important knowledge for the digital age. But also our “Media, but safely” initiative, which focuses on everyday life, work and leisure: Digitalization is leading to changes that we should all play a positive, active and equal role in shaping. We want to contribute to the responsible and critical use of digital media.


Green and good together

At Deutsche Telekom, we are on the way to a more sustainable, digital future and are happy to take you with us. You can find everything you need to know about these topics, our initiatives, products and services here

Together, we can do a lot to sustainably improve the climate – in nature and society. Be #dabei and join in.

Wir bieten nicht nur das beste Netz, sondern sorgen auch für besonders grüne und nachhaltige Produkte und Initiativen.

We not only offer the best network, but also ensure particularly green and sustainable products and initiatives.

Infos & Downloads

Infos & Downloads

We are making our future not only more digital, but also safer, fairer and more livable.