Earth Hour on March 25, 2023

During Earth Hour, millions of people, communities, and corporations are going to turn off the light again to raise awareness for climate protection. We at Deutsche Telekom are also taking part in this eye-catching event but we would like to take things one step further.

Lights off, lights on!

When we collectively turn off the lights for an hour during Earth Hour, it not only looks impressive – it’s a joint signal for more climate protection. But since climate protection at Telekom is in the spotlight for not only 60 minutes but all the 8760 hours of the year, our mission this year is “Lights on!” – not for lighting but for smart and energy efficient solutions for our network.

Therefore, we are happily taking part in Earth Hour, but would still like to do more than just “Lights off, lights on!”.

Lights on for more climate protection

Being a huge telecommunications company like us, we are able to do more, and technology helps us. We are currently expanding our fiber optic network in Germany and it’s this fiber optic that is the key to re-thinking light. To be specific, much more efficiently and more climate friendly. Fiber optic is not only capable of transporting huge amounts of data at light speed, it also consumes significantly less electricity compared to our current network. This is also due to the fact that energy is only consumed when data is actually transmitted. That’s also the reason why we invest in this future technology.

We currently offer 5.4 million households the possibility of transmitting data via light wave in Germany alone. Until 2024, it will be 10 million households and corporations.

Magenta keeps getting greener

These figures alone are quite convincing but there’s more. Right now, our customers are surfing on Telekom’s green network across Germany. We have switched all our networks entirely to power from renewable energy. Due to this step, we were able to globally save more than 4 million tons of greenhouse gas in the year 2022 – equivalent to the carbon footprint of a city like Nuremberg. To us, the switch to green energy is an essential corner stone on our path to net zero.

Rewrite the rules

The combination of efficient fiber optic and our green energy could therefore be nothing short of a true gamechanger. Data transport at light speed provides an extraordinary network that consumes less energy. That’s how Magenta truly becomes green. An exciting topic that makes us incredibly proud and proves to us, that you sometimes simply have to turn off the light, to stop being in the dark.

If you want to know more about fiber optic, green energy, and our further steps for climate protection, you will find an in-depth look right here.

And don’t forget: It’s Earth Hour on March 25th , and everyone can participate.

Earth Hour Special Set from March 20 to April 23

We are offering a special Earth Hour Set of two smart LEDs and an adapter with consumption measuring at www.smarthome.de. Smart LED lamps consume the least energy and only glow when they need to. And the adapter helps keep track of the devices’ energy consumption at home. That’s how one hour for climate protection turns into many more.