5G meets sustainability


Consistent. Durable. Fair.

The most sustainable smartphone is the one that lasts a long time. And that’s exactly how Fairphone designed its smartphone: a future-oriented, modular device with 5G speed, excellent battery life and first-class dual cameras. Because the best way to reduce the ecological footprint is to use the smartphone for longer.

Fairphone 4 – The most sustainable smartphone in the world

Fairphone recently introduced its latest device: the Fairphone 4, currently the most sustainable and so far only ethical smartphone in the world. With this device, Fairphone introduces several sustainable innovations: The Fairphone 4 is the first electronic ewaste-neutral mobile phone on the market, as every Fairphone 4 is compensated with a smartphone that is recycled or upgraded. True to the brand’s heritage, Fairphone continues to use fair materials and improve working conditions across the supply chain. This also includes the unique modular design for easy repairs and real longevity, with a 5-year guarantee * [gemäß der Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen] [according to the general terms and conditions] for maximum service life and long-term enjoyment of your smartphone.

You can find more information about the world’s most sustainable smartphone here.