Where the fun stops.
#TAKEPART in the fight against toxic behaviour.


No hate speech in gaming

We’re looking at the point where the fun stops.

#TAKEPART – no hatespeech: Gaming

Gaming is booming in Germany. More than 32 million Germans play games on their PCs, consoles, or smartphones. One in three gamers can’t imagine life without computer games. But not everything that happens on gaming platforms is fun. Harassment and abusive comments find their way here as well.

We cannot allow online gaming to become a space for hate, manipulation and anti-democratic values.
That’s why we as Telekom look at the point where the fun stops.

Together with the esports player foundation and many other cooperation partners, we conduct workshops for parents and educators, provide teaching materials, and educate and raise awareness about hate in gaming. In this way, we fight against ruining the fun of gaming and against the division of our society.

More information about the campaign and event dates can be found here: here. Click here for workshop materials and facilitation guides.