Shopping at the zero-waste store


Sustainability is our daily business

Sustainability is fully integrated into our company culture and strategy – as well as our daily business. Of course, this includes the places where we meet you personally: at our shops throughout Europe.


Once upon a time, people used to make fun of “green shops”. Today, the circular economy is constantly providing new, innovative ideas for combining upcycled materials. Every newly renovated shop shows that sustainability and style are not mutually exclusive. Our shops combine a variety of different elements in an unmistakable way with a single goal: to get as close as possible to producing zero waste. The best way to save resources is to use what already exists – which is why we are gradually updating and improving our shops only when it’s time to renovate.

Our recently renovated shops use organic materials and eco-certified flooring from sustainable sources. We include greenery, like vertical gardens, to create calming green spaces and a comfortable environment. We pay close attention to sustainable, fair production wherever possible: from our employees’ clothing to shopping bags for our customers. Of course, all of the paints and cleaning products used at our shops are free of hazardous substances.

Resource efficiency
We almost exclusively use recyclable LED lights as well as 100% green electricity at our shops. Energy-saving LCD screens are just as natural for us as efficient heating and cooling systems, and we avoid using single-use plastics. Multimedia displays are helping us become as paper-free as possible.

Our sustainable shop concept also includes advice on sustainability. As green ambassadors of our brand, our employees will have access to training and continuing education to help them answer all of your questions. We will also plan events and workshops for you and get our local communities involved.

Wir bieten nicht nur das beste Netz, sondern sorgen auch für besonders grüne und nachhaltige Produkte und Initiativen.

We not only offer the best network, but also ensure particularly green and sustainable products and initiatives.

Infos & Downloads

Infos & Downloads

We are making our future not only more digital, but also safer, fairer and more livable.